The Slocum Group


Russ Slocum specializes in copywriting, marketing strategy, concept development and project management. The “Group” part of the Slocum Group

is a network of accomplished graphic designers, programmers, SEO specialists, publicists, and

other pros. The team is custom-assembled

for each job, like in a caper flick, except that

most of this crew is best known for the work

they do sitting in chairs.


                                                                 Russell Slocum

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“Who ARE these guys?”

Getting here.  Russ Slocum graduated from Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA, with a major in English and minor in Art. His first job out of school was with Prentice-Hall, in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, where he wrote and designed book jackets and catalogs. After a year he returned to Pennsylvania, married his college sweetheart Ann Hippensteel, and spent most of the next decade as a copywriter with ad agencies. During this time he took a couple breaks from the profession to work as a freelance writer, publishing articles in The New York Times Magazine, Playboy and Atlantic,  among other magazines. After a misguided shot at novel writing, he returned advertising with renewed enthusiasm. He also taught copywriting through Albright College’s continuing education program.

In 1983, he started his own shop, Slocum Advertising. A few years later, Russ and graphic designer Kim Blatt joined forces to create Slocum Blatt Advertising, and the full service agency enjoyed a prosperous 16-year run. The firm decentralized in 2002, with individuals of the creative team each starting their own shop and continuing to work together as members of the Slocum Blatt Network.

The Slocum Group